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Botany Bay
6068 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, Georgia 30328
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Pam GainesPam Gaines
4 days ago
This will be a somewhat long, but if you have the patience to read in its entirety, you will see it is also a heart-felt review. My 17 years old son, who happens to be graduating from college in May 2021, has already taken the MCAT (med school admissions test), and is starting law school in Aug 2021, in a dual JD/Master's in Public Health Scholars’ Program. He wanted to show me his love for all the support he felt I had given him over the years with homeschooling, helping with college, law school and grad school applications and touring medical and law schools. All of this was a complete surprise to me. His plan for the day was flowers and gifts. He went to Botany Bay Florist and Sandra helped him. He had his day planned as my daughter found a reason to pull me away for a few hours. He didn't place his order until after 2pm, with a number of requests; he wanted the arrangements to include mine, and my deceased mother's favorite flowers and he wanted the additional plants to include a combination of my favorite house plants. However, the challenge was if the order could be ready in three hours. He said Sandra asked him what he wanted, which he replied that he knew nothing about arranging flowers, but he knew what his mom liked, told her, and trusted her professional judgement; he told her he just wanted his mom to be happy. Again, when he told her what time he needed them, he was expecting to be told it couldn't be done it time. So, he left it to Sandra and went to go get the other surprised goodies that were a part of his plan. Needless to say, Botany Bay met the time frame and when I finally got home and saw the flowers, I was floored. I could tell that she truly cared about pleasing the customer. It was if she made the arrangements for someone she knew personally and loved. The colors were all my favorites and so beautifully arranged. She included the lilies and roses in the perfect arrangement, reminding me of my mom's flower garden. As I said before, my son has always surprised me with flowers to show me how much he loves and appreciates all the little things, and they were always beautiful, but these were different. This arrangement, which was put together especially for me, brought so much joy. It not only showed me the love my son has for me, but it reminded me of my mom’s garden. Anyone who has lost their parents, can certainly understand the joy that little reminder brought me. I knew my mom was watching over my son from the love that went into these flowers. He said he was so happy when he first saw how beautiful they were. But what he said that meant the most is that she listened to his every request and poured them into those arrangements, AND she made sure to have them on time. If you want just a flower arrangement, you can get them from anywhere, but if you want flower arrangements done with love and a sincere desire to meet the customer's need, go to Botany Bay Florist. Their whole team is AWESOME! They try to give customer service that meets and exceeds expectations. It’s where we will be going from now on.
Greg DowdellGreg Dowdell
one week ago
I ordered 24dozen long stem premium red roses on line for my 24yr old daughter's birthday. Shortly after i was called by the florist offering to put together something different that he said she would like better. I told him to use his judgment on what he thought was the best. The arrangement was one of the best arrangements I've seen in awhile and my daughter loved them. I want to thank you so much for going over and beyond, you will always have my business